About Us


Bellbrook Karate was started in 1994 through the Bellbrook Sugarcreek Parks and Recreation Department.  As the dojo grew in size Shihan Richardson started to look for a location to open a fulltime dojo.  In 2000 the school moved to the current location in the Bellbrook Plaza.  This move allowed Shihan Richardson to expand his teaching to not only Karate but also Weapons Training, Self-Defense Workshops, Youth Karate and Fitness.

The key to the success of “Bellbrook Karate” is the family atmosphere.  It is much more than just a group of students studying Karate.  New students are made to feel as though they have been there from the first day the dojo was open.  Senior students take an interest in the junior students.  Everyone is made to feel welcome.

More About Us

Can You Protect Yourself?



We Can Teach You How!

Your body will become a weapon

that no one can take away from you.

What We Teach



At Bellbrook Karate Club we teach 

the art of traditional Japanese Shito-Ryu Karate, Okinawan weapons, self-defense and fitness.

Benefits of Karate



  • children that study karate do better in school
  • children become more disciplined at home and in school
  • you can learn how to protect yourself and your family
  • excellent exercise
  • stress relief

Why Study Karate?


 There are a variety of reasons why people study Karate.  Many enroll for its self-defense benefits or as an excellent program for getting into physical shape.  Others find its mental and physical discipline an ideal release from stress and anxiety, and a way to humility and gentleness.  Still others find fascination in the study of another culture’s art form, its ancient history and cultural impact.  No matter the reasons for beginning study, the results are consistent.  The diligent student finds inner peace and confidence in him or herself.  Physically, the body becomes coordinated and toned; balance improves, and the senses are heightened. 

Shihan Richardson


Rokki Richardson has been training in the art of Hayashi-Ha Shito-Ryu Karate since 1973.  Receiving his 1st degree black belt in 1975 under the direction of Sensei John Dieterle.  Sensei Richardson opened his first Dojo (school) in September of 1976.  One day prior to the Dojo opening, Sensei Dieterle was killed in a truck accident.  Sensei Richardson took over the Dieterle Dojo as well as his own.  Working closely with Shihan Timothy Brooks (Sensei Dieterle’s instructor) Sensei Richardson continued to advance in Karate.  During this time Shihan Brooks arranged for Grandmaster Hayashi Soke to come to Ohio and teach. Since this time Sensei has trained under Soke Hayashi on several occasions.  At the U.S.A.N.K.F National Karate Tournament in West Virginia, Sensei Richardson and 17 students had the pleasure to train and learn from the Grandmaster.

Sensei Richardson was honored in 1983 with Hatamoto as one of Shihan Brooks’ most dedicated students.  This is a traditional Japanese ceremony in which a chosen disciple is given a “Bushi” (warrior) name along with a personal seal and scroll.  This new name is the inspiration of the master, and is selected to describe the disciple’s character and presence.  Master Timothy Brooks chose for Sensei Richardson the name Rokki, meaning “six trees”.

In 1995 Shihan Brooks founded “Karate Kurokawa Budo Kai” becoming “Soke” and chairman of his own organization.  Sensei Richardson continued with Soke Hayashi until reuniting with Soke Brooks in 2002.  December 2003 Sensei Richardson was promoted to the rank of Godan (5th degree black belt) and was honored by receiving the title “Shihan”, the first to receive this honor from Soke Brooks.

Shihan Richardson’s most prized accomplishments in karate come from his students and their desire to progress in Karate.  The greatest gift you can give someone is the gift of knowledge.  Along with his two sons, Andy and Luke, and over 20 active black belts the Bellbrook Karate Club strives to pass the knowledge of Traditional Japanese Karate to all who pass through our Dojo.